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Shady Altair, grinning Ezio and a posing Leo by Iszy-chan Shady Altair, grinning Ezio and a posing Leo :iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 1 0 Only kawaii drinks for this painter~ by Iszy-chan Only kawaii drinks for this painter~ :iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 1 4 'I want this one, Ezio!' by Iszy-chan 'I want this one, Ezio!' :iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 1 0 I found your ancestor, Ezio! by Iszy-chan I found your ancestor, Ezio! :iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 0 0 Disney Ariel nails by Iszy-chan Disney Ariel nails :iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 3 0 tie-dye blue to black nails by Iszy-chan tie-dye blue to black nails :iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 0 2 Fem!Loki (Thor) cosplay London MCM May 2014 by Iszy-chan Fem!Loki (Thor) cosplay London MCM May 2014 :iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 3 2 Tribal Patterned nails by Iszy-chan Tribal Patterned nails :iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 0 11 Bird Silhouette nails [glow in the dark] by Iszy-chan Bird Silhouette nails [glow in the dark] :iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 1 0
I Am Not Abnegation
The heavy base is the first thing I hear as I approach the Pit. Its beats are heavy, pounding loudly in my chest, coarsing through my whole body, the deep noise filling my ears and defeaning me, reaching from my head to my toes where it seems to shake the earth. I realise that the volume is louder, there are more voices and shouts--meaning more people--and there is a bright buzz of happiness and energy in the air. Whatever is happening is a special occasion, and I pick up my pace to reach the enterance to the wide cavern. 
A purple light passes over the opening, filling the dark tunnel I hurry down with a deep purple blaze, the walls and floor drenched in colour. If I were wearing white, I know it would glow under the UV light, and I feel myself involunterily grin as I reach the opening, sucking in a breath of surprise through my teeth. 
Long rows of lights hang from the ceiling, casting spoitlights of red, green, yellow, orange, blue, purple, and just about every other colou
:iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 10 1
I Never Got To Congratulate You (LokixReader)
The door of the darkened chambers silently creaked open, the footsteps against the hard wood almost silent. The lean figure made his way over to the large bed, watching the small lump buried under many blankets and furs and animal skins shift at the presence of someone else in the room. He could only just see the head poking out of the covers, shivering and turned away from him. 
You were barely conscious--the tugging feeling of being pulled into the real world by a different presence slowly setting in. Your mind was having a hard time processing everything; you were in your room, it was cold but your head felt like a fire was inside it, it raged with a pounding headache, your throat was closed up and hurt with every breath, and your eyes felt so heavy they watered every time you blinked. 
You rolled over, finding your Prince knelt by the side of the bed, the look of concern that had graced his sharp features for the past day still there as if it were now permanently etched i
:iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 41 18
Cecil Baldwin Cosplay - London Expo October 2013 by Iszy-chan Cecil Baldwin Cosplay - London Expo October 2013 :iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 5 6 Christmas Decorations: hot men in snowflake tutus by Iszy-chan Christmas Decorations: hot men in snowflake tutus :iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 60 10 Rhinestone nails by Iszy-chan Rhinestone nails :iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 9 1
He was a great Guy [Sherlock and John oneshot]
The first thing John felt was the heavy weight of something pushing down against him. He felt it nearly all over his body--the weight restricting his legs, his arms and his torso. He could only move his head, which he found difficult when he tried to turn his head away from the sharp object poking into the side of his face. He felt the stinging spikes drag across his forehead, drawing attention to the blow he had to his temple, the blood trickling down past his ear and across his forehead where he had turned it into the dirt.
His mind clicked, remembering the attack on him outside 221b. Where am I? 
There was the strong musk of pine in the air, and finally having enough strength to open his eyes, he realised many dead branches had been packed on top of him, along with various other pieces of sharp wood that dug into his arms and legs. He squinted in the darkness, turning his head away from the thick air suddenly surrounding him. Was that smoke?
He found his wrists ti
:iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 16 4
Blue and Black Polka Dot Nails by Iszy-chan Blue and Black Polka Dot Nails :iconiszy-chan:Iszy-chan 9 2


All Fall Down -Erik/Charles- Ch 1
The wall existed since before the Troubles had started. The wall was the symbol, the ultimate representation of the differences between them and us. They are the normal people, the humans, those who are considered to be superior. Then there are us, the mutants. We have abilities, we can do things that the humans can only dream of, which is why they fear us. They hate us.
Everyone remembers the horrors of the past, remember what the Nazis did to the people of Europe who were different. Apparently, they learned the wrong message. They have singled out the mutants, round them up and lock them away beyond the wall. I've seen people; my students go beyond the wall never to be seen again. Once you go there, you cannot go back. It is a symbol of fear, every parent fears their child is a mutant, and you can only keep your child hidden for so long. The Scanners will find you, they always do.
You can't escape them. You cannot run away. There is us and there is them. But t
:iconcalceil:calceil 12 10
Inhuman by drkshp Inhuman :icondrkshp:drkshp 82 10 Grades Of Inhumanity by 3mmI Grades Of Inhumanity :icon3mmi:3mmI 565 55 Inhuman Growth by Vengefulgnome Inhuman Growth :iconvengefulgnome:Vengefulgnome 189 17 If it aint broke by benjimoon If it aint broke :iconbenjimoon:benjimoon 22 24 landscape by benjimoon landscape :iconbenjimoon:benjimoon 6 6 Mixed media 2 by buchnerartmotion Mixed media 2 :iconbuchnerartmotion:buchnerartmotion 21 2 The Black Swan by sagittariusgallery The Black Swan :iconsagittariusgallery:sagittariusgallery 656 38 The Summit by SethFitts The Summit :iconsethfitts:SethFitts 155 42 Distrait transmutation by ZirTuan Distrait transmutation :iconzirtuan:ZirTuan 83 76 The Mysterious Case of...? Page 1 by Yuki-Almasy The Mysterious Case of...? Page 1 :iconyuki-almasy:Yuki-Almasy 79 9 Sine Of Souls 02 W/ Raja Gemini by corvus-crux Sine Of Souls 02 W/ Raja Gemini :iconcorvus-crux:corvus-crux 8 0 Sine Of Souls 03 W/ Raja Gemini by corvus-crux Sine Of Souls 03 W/ Raja Gemini :iconcorvus-crux:corvus-crux 12 2 Sine Of Souls 04 W/ Raja Gemini by corvus-crux Sine Of Souls 04 W/ Raja Gemini :iconcorvus-crux:corvus-crux 7 0 Sine Of Souls 05 W/ Raja Gemini by corvus-crux Sine Of Souls 05 W/ Raja Gemini :iconcorvus-crux:corvus-crux 16 8 Sine Of Souls 06 W/ Raja Gemini by corvus-crux Sine Of Souls 06 W/ Raja Gemini :iconcorvus-crux:corvus-crux 21 0


Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom

Currently 18, studying art, history, and english literature. A writer of poetry and prose, and an artist in clay work, sewing, and painting. Currently regretting every mark I ever left on the internet at a younger age.

it's been a while guys. let's do this.
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? for 3 years, seems longer than that??

  2. What does your username mean? it was 13 year old me, all new to the internet and still in my weeaboo phase.

  3. Describe yourself in three words. white girl trash

  4. Are you left or right handed? leftie! only 11%, remember.

  5. What was your first deviation? oh dear god. it's a drawing i copied of john watson (credit to the person who actually drew this who i just copied at the chipper age of 13)   Jude Law - Dr. Watson by Iszy-chan

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? probably photography, but of something ive created, like a costume ive made or a dress ive sewn.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? digital art. it's something ive tried and failed and always looked up to, it seems almost superior to the art i create. and cosplaying, that's art, right?

  8. What was your first favourite? 

    Obsessed with Sherlock HolmesYou know you're obsessed with Sherlock Holmes when....
    1.  You find yourself meticulously examining every new person you meet.
    2.  You secretly wish you had a Watson 'stache.
    3.  You don't hang out with your friends anymore because you're locked up in your room... solving cases.
    4.  The funniest joke? Scotland Yard.
    5.  You always eat toast for breakfast. Always.
    6.  You sometimes watch your roommate sleep.
    7.  Moriarty is your sworn enemy.
    8.  You see the newest unexplainable disappearance or murder on the news, and think, Sherlock Holmes could handle it.
    9.  You've picked a side: Granada, 2009, or BBC.
    10.  You've named your bulldog Gladstone.
    11.  Pipes and magnifying glasses are suddenly amazingly hot.
    12.  Your old service revolver is your best friend.
    13.  To you, Irene Adler is always THE woman.
    14.  You are lost without
     <- this. i didnt like all they'd written so i copied it into a word document and added more, but i never did anything with that word document...

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? digital art. it's something that when mastered, looks beautiful. no pencil lines or photography lighting glare, no grey paper. it's all there with strong colours and soft lines. 

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? Kinko-White definitely! she inspired my GCSE art book.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? ooh that's hard... i would want to meet my favourite artists, and all the friends ive made on here. just one big event called "iszy meeting amazing people" or something. 

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? growing up through my teenage years, i was influenced a lot by my friends on dA. when i couldn't turn to the people around me, i went to them instead, and to be able to be in such a safe environment to do that, that's what made it so much easier for me. fuck; i probably wouldn't be who i am today if it wasn't from the support and love and teaching i got from some of the nerds on here. 

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? le pencil. le camera. le paint brush. le sewing machine. 

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? in my community. im too young to go travelling the world with just my camera, so i do it all in the beautiful city i live in. the people are what influence my art, and my passion to help them.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? hmm... mine would be just after i'd posted pictures of my leonardo da vinci cosplay and i had an influx of people messaging me telling me how good it was. as an amateur cosplayer who's only been doing this for 3 years, being told what i'd made from scratch is actually really good and true to the game it came from not only inspired me to keep going, but also filled me with genuine happiness. nothing beats the feeling of knowing you've done something to make someone smile. 

  • Reading: a ridiculous amount of scomiche fanfics
  • Watching: pretty little liars



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